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Everything you need to know about salsa dancing in Vancouver, Canada; whether you are new to salsa dancing or an experienced dancer.
Where can I take dance classes?
Check the Classes & Lessons page for information about dance classes and the Instructors page for more information about dance teachers.
Where can I go dancing?
Check the Dance Events page for information on weekly events and special upcoming events

Interested in trying a salsa class to see if you like it? At our two dance studios (The Dancey Ballroom and the new D2 Dance Studio) we offer a variety of options for absolute beginners to try an introductory lesson on weeknights or weekends. Check the New to Salsa page or the Lesson Schedule for more info.

  About SalsaVancouver.net  

SalsaVancouver.net was established in 2005 by Stephen and Jennifer Dancey to provide comprehensive information on salsa dance classes and social dance events in Vancouver. We run two dance studios, the Dancey Ballroom and Dance Studio (located at 505 Hamilton Street) and the new D2 Dance Studio (located at 55 West 8th Ave), where we offer dance classes with some of Vancouver's best instructors as well as weekly social dance events.


We also organize special events such as Sunday Afternoon Salsa at Robson Square, an annual series of free salsa dances held outdoors in downtown Vancouver every summer which has grown to become one of Vancouver's annual summer festivals. And we organize fundraiser events which strengthen community partnerships for the salsa dance community, including our annual Salsa For The Kids Fundraisers for The KidSafe Project Society.


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If you're a regular visitor to our web site you'll notice some changes. We've updated some pages and moved some content around.

All weekly and upcoming events are now on the new Dance Events page.

Information about dance classes is on the new Classes & Lessons page.


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